Importance of Memory

Memory is important not only for students to pass exams but to everyone in everyday life. Remembering the names and other details of people who are important to us improves our personal, professional and social life. Remembering to pay our monthly bills on time, ensures continuation of those utilities without paying fines. Remembering facts and figures related to our profession and business ensures better performance and progress in our personal and professional life.

Just as remembering can help us in so many ways, forgetting can affect us in different ways. Forgetting to send an application on time can result in losing an opportunity. Forgetting to lock the car can result in losing the car. Forgetting to lock the house can result in losing valuables. Forgetting to switch off appliances such as gas stove can lead to accidents and death.

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Imagine what could be the cost of water and electricity wasted by people who forget to close the taps or forget to switch off the lights.

Memory lapses has led to death and disasters. In Spain, a mother lost her child in the washing machine because she forgot to switch off the machine. In India, a mother lost her child because she forgot to close the medicine bottle. In US, a man lost his child because he left his car in the parking lot the whole day, forgetting that his child was inside the car.

The good news is that everyone of us can improve our memory and develop a superb memory by learning memory improvement techniques.

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Memory Tips

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